Tradition from 1922
Klimanis company is active in the production of traditional high-quality pasta. The company addressed a sales network in Greece and worldwide. With a big costumer list that is growing every day.

Initial activity according to the articles of association, is the production and trade of high-quality pasta. today the production is still the initial idea and has evolved to the new Series for traditional products for infants and kids with the original crème trachana with 3+1 new and unique packing. (trachanas with goatmilk, with vegetables, with fruits and with cow milk).

The production of the trachana is very unique and different of any other productions, carefully and special for the needs for infant and kid. That is what makes us pioneers to this Serie because it is rub very finely (powder) and gives the texture of a velvet soup!

The raw materials are stable and double checked for every single production! The fruits and the vegetables are fresh and certified for the safe the products. The milk is getting from the local industries it is pasteurized and double checked from the chemical of our company.